Cass County Democratic Women Plus (DWP) is an organization of local Democrats who meet in the months of September, October, December, April and May to hear speakers and have discussions on social and political issues.

In the 1970’s, local leaders such as Herschel Lashkowitz and Bill Clower, Jr. joined the Cass County Dem-NPL Women organization, and thus the name was changed to add “plus”, meaning the membership consists of women and men. Our current membership consists of nearly 50% men members and volunteers! Bravo!

Our membership dues ($10/year – $5 for 65 and older) plus other revenues make it possible for this organization to make financial contributions supporting the local Dem-NPL Party and local candidates.  In past years we have contributed to the funding of Cass County Dem-NPL Headquarters, to several Democratic candidates running statewide campaigns, and to DWP members running in local partisan and nonpartisan races.

Each year we sponsor 2 major events, The Holiday Dinner in early December and a potluck in May. Democrat of the Year is awarded at the Holiday Dinner and the potluck provides an opportunity to meet with local legislators and candidates.

You can find the CCDW+ on Facebook: