The Democratic-NPL of Cass County is established to promote cooperation and sharing of resources among the districts of Cass County. To accomplish these goals, this organization will assist the districts in the performance of four functions: communication, recruitment, fundraising and operating county headquarters used for election purposes.

First, this organization will aid in the communication to party members, party candidates and office holders of information such as relevant issues facing the party, activities of our state and national legislators and other party events which have relevance for party members in Cass County. This organization will act as a forum for the sharing of ideas within Cass County.

Second, this organization will assist the districts in recruiting new party members and candidates for office. To aid in the recruitment of members and candidates, this organization will provide programs to establish a party identity in the county and to encourage sociability and fellowship among party members.

Third, this organization will develop financial resources for Democratic organizations and endorsed Democratic candidates by sponsoring fundraising events. In addition, this organization will be responsible for assessing district support for countywide activities.

Fourth, this organization will open and operate a Cass County Headquarters to be used for election purposes. This function includes the hiring of staff, site selection, master calendar, and general oversight of the Headquarters.



Article I. Name

The name of this organization shall be the Democratic-NPL of Cass County.

Article II. Participation

A. Members of the Democratic-NPL of Cass County are the individual Democratic-NPL Districts who choose to affiliate with this organization.
B. Events sponsored by the Democratic-NPL of Cass County are open to all interested persons.
C. All regular meetings shall be publicized in a timely manner to all officers of member districts and the ND State Democratic-NPL State Executive. All meetings shall be held in places accessible to and large enough to accommodate all interested Democrats.
D. Participation of aligned groups shall be welcomed. This includes Democratic Women Plus, New Generation North Dakota and NDSU College Democrats.
E. All members must be a qualified elector within Cass County, ND.

Article Ill. Committees

A. Policy Committee

  1. Membership on the Policy Committee shall consist of :
    • i. Three representatives from each district, designated by each District Executive Committee.
    • ii. Democratic-NPL legislators elected from the member districts are members and do not count as a district representative.
    • iii. The Executive Committee as described in Article III. B. are members.
    • iv. Region #6 Representative elected by the Cass County Democratic district chairs is a member.
    • v. One representative from each aligned Democratic group is a member.
  2. Meetings: Regular meetings of the Policy Committee will be held in a timely manner at a time and place determined by the committee; special meetings may be called by a majority of the Policy Committee or by a majority of the District chairs.
  3. Duties: The duties of the Policy Committee are to implement the purposes of this organization as put forth in the preamble of these bylaws.
  4. Voting: No member of the Policy Committee shall have more than one vote though they may have more than one position.
  5. Vacancies: Filling vacancies of the district representatives on the Policy Committee is the responsibility of the Districts as communicated by the District Chair.
  6. Proxy: Any member of the Policy Committee shall be entitled to appoint an official voting designee in the member’s absence, provided the member has provided the designee with prior written authorization (can be transmitted electronicly) prior to start of the meeting. District representatives must have District approval for their proxy.
  7. Quorum: A majority of the Policy Committee excluding ex officio members shall constitute a quorum for conducting business.

B. Executive Committee

  1. An Executive Committee shall be formed consisting of four elected officers, the past chair and the Region #6 Representative. The duties of the Executive Committee shall be to review proposals to be brought to the Policy Committee and to set an agenda for the Policy Committee meeting.
  2. Officers and their duties:
    • i. Chair: The Chair of the Democratic-NPL of Cass County shall be elected by the Policy Committee. The Chair shall preside at meetings and carry out other duties specified by the Policy Committee. Serves as an Ex-Officio member of the ND Democratic-NPL Executive Committee and the State Policy Committee.
    • ii. Vice Chair: The Vice Chair shall be elected by the Policy Committee and shall serve in the absence of the Chair.
    • iii. Recording Secretary: A Recording Secretary shall be elected by the Policy Committee to keep minutes at all regular and special meetings. Permanent copies of minutes are to be stored in the Cass County Headquarters’ files.
    • iv. Treasurer: A Treasurer shall be elected by the Policy Committee to collect and disburse funds for the Democratic-NPL of Cass County and will keep the financial records of the organization. These records shall be open to the inspection of any members of the Policy Committee at any regular meeting of the committee. Permanent copies of annual reports are to be stored in Cass County Headquarters’ files.
    • v. Past Chair: The Chair serves as a Past Chair to ensure organizational continuity, leadership development and mentorship to the officers.
  3. Term of Office: Members of the Executive Committee shall hold office for two years from the time of election at the December annual meeting (or other agreed upon meeting) or until the time of the election of a successor at the next respective meeting. Officers may be elected for two (2) consecutive terms for a total of four (4) years. Officer terms of office are staggered with the Chair and recording Secretary elected in even years and the Vice Chair and Treasurer elected in odd years.
  4. Vacancies: Filling vacancies on the Executive Committee is the responsibility of the Policy Committee.

C. Standing Committees:

  1. Five Standing Committees and their general purpose shall be established:
    • i. Communication-develop social media, electronic and mail communication technologies. Assist Executive Committee in implementation.
    • ii. Recruitment-assist districts in recruitment of candidates and new populations.
    • iii. Fundraising-set goals for a balanced budget and campaign dollars to districts; coordinate with district committees.
    • iv. Headquarters-develop resources for districts and candidates; organize volunteer network.
    • v. Nominations- recruitment of members for open officers positions as outlined in the by laws; annually present a ballot of candidates for Policy Committee election.
  2. Chairs of Standing Committees shall be appointed by a majority of the Policy Committee.

D. Ad Hoc Committees: The Policy Committee may create such Ad Hoc Committees as it deems proper.

  1. Chair: The Policy Committee shall appoint a member of the Policy Committee or of the party, whichever seems appropriate, to chair each Ad Hoc Committee. Appointments shall be made by a majority of the Policy Committee present.
  2. Members: The chair of the ad hoc committee shall select members to serve on the ad hoc committee.
  3. Duties: The motion to create an ad hoc committee must include a statement of purpose of the committee.
  4. Term: The Policy Committee shall determine the time the ad hoc committee has to accomplish its purpose.
  5. Reporting: Procedures for reporting on the activities of the ad hoc committee shall be determined at the time of the creation of the committee and shall be made to the Policy Committee at designated intervals.

Article IV. Audits

Members of the Executive Committee shall appoint a committee of Three (3) to audit the Treasurer’s books annually and to report its findings to the Policy Committee.

Article V. Rules

A. All meetings under these bylaws shall be governed by these bylaws and by Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised.
B. All action by the Policy Committee shall be proposed by the Executive Committee or by a member of the Policy Committee at a meeting of the Policy Committee. C. No action shall be taken by or on behalf of the Democratic-NPL of Cass County unless approved by a majority of the Policy Committee.
D. Fiscal Year: The fiscal year shall end on the last day of December each year. E. By-Laws: These by-laws may be amended upon recommendation of the Executive Committee, by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at any meeting of the Cass County Democratic Policy Committee. Notice of proposed amendments shall be sent to all members not less than twenty-eight (28) days in advance of the meeting.

Original: January 30, 2002
Amended: December 5, 2016
Amended: February 14, 2017
Amended: December 12, 2017