Cass County Legislative Districts

You can find maps of all the legislative districts from the ND State web site HERE or click on the MAP button next to each Cass County district below.

District 11

District 11 (Central and near south Fargo)

Dem-NPL District Chair: Adam Goldwyn

Facebook: NDdistrict11DemNPL


District 13

District 13 (Most of West Fargo)

Dem-NPL District Chair: Carrie Leopold

Facebook: District13Democrats

District 16

District 16 (Parts of Fargo and West Fargo)

Dem-NPL District Chair: Jennifer Lies

Facebook: district16demnpl

District 20

District 20 (Northernmost part of rural Cass County. Includes Barnes, Traill, and Steele counties)

Dem-NPL District Chair: Carol Siegert


District 21

District 21 (Downtown Fargo)

Dem-NPL District Chair: Courtney Schaff

Facebook: District 21 Dems


District 22

District 22 (Rural Cass County)

Dem-NPL District Chair: Sam Wagner

Facebook: District 22 Dem-NPL


District 27

District 27 (Fargo west of I-29, Frontier, Briarwood, Barnes and Stanley townships)

Dem-NPL District Chair: Jake Knaack

Facebook: nd27dems

District 41

District 41 (Prairie Rose, South Fargo, Barnes and Stanley Townships)

Dem-NPL District Chair: Chris McEwen

Facebook: District 41 Dem-NPL


District 44

District 44 (Northeastern Fargo)

Dem-NPL District Chair: Lydia Tackett

Facebook: ND44Dems


District 45

District 45 (Northwest Fargo, Harwood, Reiles Acres, North River)

Dem-NPL District Chair: Tim Hoye

Facebook: NorthDakotaDistrict45DEMNPL


District 46

District 46 (Southeastern Fargo and Stanley Township)

Dem-NPL District Chair: Ben Hanson