2022 is the year for odd numbered North Dakota Districts to elect legislators for the ND Senate and House.  

In Cass County, Districts 11, 21, 27, and 41  have a full slate of top democratic candidates, along with the NEW District 10.

As a result of redistricting, District 44 Democratic incumbents must run again, though they were just elected in 2020.

Ryan Braunberger for Senate, Hamida Dakane for House, Damian Ridl for House

Senator Tim Mathern, Representative Gretchen Dobervich and Candidate Liz Conmy for House

Senator Kathy Hogan and Representatives LaurieBeth Hager and Mary Schneider

Megan Edwardson and Lillian Jones for House

Senator Merrill Piepkorn and Representatives Josh Boschee and Karla Rose Hanson